Project Karibu: Pretty lights for ECE2031.

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Seven-segment displays.

The seven-segment displays (7-segs) are separated in to a left half and a right half, with four digits in each half.

The right half displays a continuous fading swirl pattern. The left half is a scrolling display of "ECE2031", clocked by the PBs.

Fading swirl.

Fading swirl animation
Not much to say beyond the above animation. This effect is created with a PWM generator that can increase value instantaneously but fades down, driven by essentially a demux.

ECE2031 scroll.

Fading swirl animation
Each time one of the PBs is pushed, this display increments. Lucky for ECE2031, all digits in it are HEX digits, so a general bin->hex->sseg converter can be used along with a simple state machine containing the characters to be scrolled.